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Bendigo Shade Sail Installations

Bendigo Shade Sail Installations


There’s nothing better than enjoying the summer outdoors. However, you also need to make sure that sun safety is something you take seriously, especially if you have a pool or outdoor patio at home. A shade sail is the perfect way to make any outdoor space suitable for use all day, as well as all summer, long. Keep your outdoor areas cool and comfortable whilst still enjoying all that the amazing summer weather has to offer, by taking advantage of our shade sail installation services. Get the shade sails Bendigo service that’s highly professional and affordable by getting touch with us, the premier Bendigo shade sail contractor.

About Us

Our service is designed to help you enjoy the outdoors more. We know how much everyone loves to get outside in the summer, especially if you have your own home pool. But, being sun smart is also important and something that you have to consider. The shade sails that we can design and install are the best way to make sure that your outdoor areas can be enjoyed all summer long, without having to worry. We can provide a range of shade sails to keep your pool, patio or even the outdoor areas of your commercial property cool and comfortable, so that everyone can enjoy them, no matter the weather.


Our Services

Our high quality and affordable services are one of the best ways to make sure that your home or business is summer ready. We are the professional Bendigo shade sail installer that can install a wide selection of custom designed shade sails to make sure that your outdoor areas are cool and comfortable, and can be fully enjoyed, all summer long. Our services cover everything from design and planning, to installation, repair and maintenance. We provide both residential and commercial services. It doesn’t stop there, however, and we can also provide high quality outdoor shade blinds for a number of outdoor areas around your home.

shade sail installation under sun

Shade Sail Installation

Our shade sail installation Bendigo service is the best way to install a shade sail on your property. Shade sails are an amazing way to keep your outdoor areas cool and comfortable, so that you can use them whenever you like during the summer months. Our installation service can provide a pergola sail, a shade sail for your pool, a shade sail with posts or even shade sails for garden areas. So, get the most out of your outdoor areas this summer with a one of our many shade sail options that our professional and high quality service can provide.

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Outdoor Shade Blinds

Outdoor blinds are another handy solution that we provide when it comes to the problem of how to keep your outdoor spaces, like your patio or pergola, cool and comfortable in the summer. Outdoor blinds can help to block out direct sunlight and offer an economical way to cool your outdoor spaces without having to waste energy. The outdoor shade blinds that we can install can be used for pergola shade, patio shade and even garden shade.

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Shade Sail Planning
and Design

We aren’t a service that believes in one fits all solutions. That’s why we make sure that any shade sails that we install are custom designed for your property and needs. Planning and design are an important part of the services that we offer, as a result. We can even offer a number of shade sail ideas for your home or property, including pool shade cover ideas. So, whether you need a pool shade or large shade sail installed, we are the service that can provide it for you.

“Their service is quick, professional and highly affordable. Better still, they get amazing results.” Louis. B

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“Their installation services are fast and easy. There was no inconvenience and our new shade sail was installed in no time.” Lachlan. D

electronic house shade blinds

“Their repair and maintenance services are easy and hassle free.” Janice. M

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Waterproof Shade Sails

Among the types of shade sails that we specialise in is waterproof shade sails. Along with constant exposure to the sun, you can also expect your shade sail to be faced with water and moisture. A waterproof shade sail is the best way to make sure that your shade sail is designed to withstand, and is suitable for, all conditions. The waterproof option that we provide offers great flexibility and value, and means that your outdoor areas can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

close up top shade sail post

Commercial Shade Sails

If you’re a business that relies on your outdoor areas, like a bar, café or even day-care, then a shade sail is the perfect investment. Shade sails are a great way to make sure that any outdoor areas on your commercial property are covered, cool and comfortable for your customers, meaning that you can make the most out of the outdoor space that you have, even in the summer when it’s hot. We are the Bendigo shade sail service with a selection of commercial services.

close up top shade sail posts

Maintenance & Repairs

Long term care and maintenance is something that’s required for shade sails. With proper care, such as cleaning, they will last longer and simply get you better value. We provide all the professional care and maintenance that any shade sail needs. We can make sure that your shade sail cloth is cleaned, well maintained and ready for use all summer long. Along with this we can also provide shade sail repairs for a broken shade sail.

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Contact Us Today

Make sure that your pool and other outdoor areas are ready for use this summer by calling us now. Our service can provide a range of shade sails and outdoor shade blinds to help you make sure that your outdoor areas are cool and comfortable all summer long. We provide a wide selection of options, suitable for both residential and commercial properties, as well as specialising in design and planning along with installation, repair and maintenance. So, contact us now and get your home summer ready.